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Protect the Pine Street African Burial Ground!

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Harambee would like to bring to your attention to the fact that there is an historic and forgotten African Burial Ground in Kingston, NY that urgently needs to be protected. Between the mid 1700s and late 1800s, countless enslaved and free blacks were buried here. The land is now a residential property in pre-foreclosure and if we don’t save it, it could remain in private hands and face continued disregard as well as potential disruption of the graves.

We are calling on you to join Harambee’s coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses to help spread the word. Your role will be to garner support for any next steps needed for our partner organization, the Kingston Land Trust.
Kingston Land Trust, to purchase and secure this site in order to permanently protect, restore and open it to the public as a regional interpretive center. The most pressing need is funds for the KLT to acquire the site.

By joining the coalition you commit to:

  1. Having your name or your organization’s logo listed as part of the coalition on the Harambee’s website and at related Harambee events, as well as on site once the Burial Ground is acquired
  2. Have your name listed on letters of support that Harambee writes on behalf of the coalition
  3. Attend and possibly speak at stakeholder events and public meetings
  4. Directing your networks to

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Rough Draft Bar & Books
Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center
Hudson Valley Agents
Good Work Institute
Hudson Valley Current
TMI Project
O+ Festival
Kingston Land Trust
Friends of Historic Kingston


Geoff Miller
James and Wendy Green
Brooke Wallace
Diane Hannah-Ferguson
Gloria Waslyn
Rita Worthington
Sally Bermanzohn
Ann L. Frazier
Diana Zuckerman
Donna Webster
Richard Kelder
Lester Strong
Pat Strong
Kris Johnson
Dan Couse
Alice Quinn
Rachel Winograd
March Gallagher
Victoria Blain
BenJamin Schrank
Susan Hereth
Maxanne Resnick
Zoe Margaret Moffitt
Carol Warren
Lisa Collins
Amy Milano
Chris Parent
Evelyn Wright
Carla Lesh
Hayley Downs
William Lytle
Callie Jayne
Linda Reznick
Josie Baucom
Lara Giordano
Lisa Brodhead
Joni Jones
Suzanne Holzberg
Kate Vanbaren
Andrew Kirschner
Pamela Malcolm
Mor Pipman
Nan Tepepr
jill ann schwartz
Geoffrey Miller
Constance Rudd
Kristeen Anderson
Sarah Wenk
Tim Rands
Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Cneter
Pat Strong
Kevin Bryant
Meg Murphy
Lynn Eckert


Jill Schwartz
Maryellen Whittington-Couse
Teryl Mickens
Emmasia Long
Barbara Stemke
Haley Duffy
Justin Orashan
C. Dassie
Peter Criswell
Riley Johndonnell
Alice Arrington
Jean Adilifu
Rachel Gans
John Murphy
Eileen Murphy
Donald Brown Brian Woltman
James Porter
Lydia Newcombe
Edwin Ford
Carmela Marner
Kevin Bryant
Johanna Dun-Jones
Alison Hoffman
Mara Loving
Shawn Pettway
Victoria Blain
Debra Gitterman
Kathryn Ornstein
Abe Young
Debra Pineiro-Zucker
Catherine Palmer
Diane Pineiro-Zucker
Amanda Sisenstein
Liam Madden
Sophie Greller
Zien Hodge
Kelli McKinney
Cal Truman
Joseph Greenberg
Michele Muller
Keri Hostetter
Karen Peters
Nan Potter
Beth Roessler
Andrew Hersh
Liz Menendez
Simon Abraham
Kevin Smith
Gai Galitzine
Daniel Fiege
Wild Earth
Katrina Light
Anne and Jim Bailey
Doris Schuyler
Andrew Williams
Victoria Amadd


Agil Davidson
Marc Rider
Fred L.
Adriana Pericchi
Alessandra Guarino
Amil Nimey
Simrit Dhesi
Rennie Scott-Childress
Brandon Knopp
Peter Roberts
Linda Roberts
Marilyn Levy
Lisa Cannistraci
Robert Gaston
Harris SafierLeslie Gallagher
Suzanne Hotzberg
Sean Ritchey
Dylan Reagh
Mousthapha Diedhiou
Nfamara Badjie
Emily Puthoff
Clara Kramer-Wheeler
Dina Falconi
Jared Williams
Andrianna Natsoules
Nick Joyce
Steve Rosenberg
Kate Rosko
Claudia Abbott-Barish
Laura Foss
Henny Wise
David Wise
Kurt Frederick
Katie Hite
Brooke Pickering-Cole
Rose Wax
Nancy L Howell
Stacey Nodelman
Dawn Deevy
Pam Gaucher
Marybeth Wehrung
Carla Lesh
Robyn Waters
Jason Lord
Victoria MacDonald
LK Damon
Emma Desoben
Isabel Vinton
Tamara Telberg
Rita Shaheen
Hudson Valley Circus Arts
Amy Trompetter
Richard Frumess
Susan Ragusa
Robert King


We’re always looking for new projects to work on, if you have some please write us!


  • 845-853-0524

  • Kingston, NY 12401